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  Who can nominate Top School Counselor Blogs?
  • Only school counselors may nominate top school counselor blogs. 
  • You may nominate yourself, if you are a school counselor.

  Is it okay to add your "Nominate 3 School Counselor Blogs" logo on my Pinterest, Facebook, or blog to solicit nominations for my blog?
  • Absolutely! And think how you are helping to recognize other counselors who work hard on their blogs as well. 
Nominate 3 Top School Counselor Blogs!

  How do you nominate a Top School Counselor Blog?
  • Simply email the name of the school counselor blog to:
  • If you have additional information about the blogger, feel free to include any of the following:
School Counselor Blog:
Blog URL:
Counselor Name:
Counselor Email:
School Counselor since: (year)
Location and/or School Level: 

  Once I receive 3 nominations, how long does it take before my listing is updated?
  • The directory will be updated each week. 

  Are anonymous nominations allowed?
  • No.  

  Can you list more than 3 nominations?
  • No.  Once a blog is listed, no additional nominations are necessary.

  My blog is listed and I'd like to change/update my listing information. What do I do?

  Can you tell me how many nominations I have received so far?

  How many school counselor blogs are you allowed to nominate?
  • You are allowed to nominate up to 3 blogs, including your own (if applicable).

  Can I just copy and paste the "Top School Counselor Blog" logo for my blog?
  • No. The official logo is reserved for bloggers who are nominated by 3 school counselors and published on the directory. Once a blogger is nominated by 3 school counselors, the blogger will be notified with the official "Top School Counselor Blog" logo to use.

  Does it cost anything to be included on the "Top School Counselor Blogs" directory?
  • No. This is free. 

  Who manages this directory and why is it important?
  • Scott Ertl created this directory in 2014 to recognize school counselor bloggers who contribute to the counseling profession through sharing resources, encouragement, inspiration, and ongoing dialogue with colleagues for the advancement of all school counselors.

  Any other questions?

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